About the Guarantees at BastetTattoo.com

BastetTattoo.com gives you security when buying the best products, and that is why our commitment goes beyond selling, if not also to your satisfaction.
Next we will explain the different types of guarantee that you can obtain at BASTETTATTOO.COM. Remember to read each one in detail.

★ Warranty for Manufacturing Failures

If the product you purchased on our website has any fault or malfunction, you can approach our store during our business hours, presenting your purchase slip.

< p> Remember that to enforce your warranty, it is important that the product is in good condition and does not show any marks of blows or damage caused by bad handling.

★ Technical Service and Manufacturer Warranty < / p>

BASTET TATTOO is an official distributor of various brands. If your product is damaged after the legal warranty period, do not worry, we will take care of helping you carry out the entire process to enforce your warranty with the product manufacturer.

BASTET TATTOO complies with its position of official distributor and acts as an intermediary between the consumer and the brand, asserting the external guarantees of each product in the case of having them.

Remember that we are intermediaries, therefore all extra transport costs, repairs , spare parts or others will be paid by the client if necessary. Do not worry! We will be with you informing you at all times.

★ Conformity Guarantee

All products are meticulously checked before being put into circulation for sale and dispatch. If you receive a wrong product, which you have not requested, you can change it without any problem directly in our store. If you are from regions and cannot change it directly in our store, you can send it by mail and then make the change.

The products must be in perfect condition, in their original packaging, with all their manuals, accessories and they must not have been used. If these conditions are not met, the guarantee of conformity will be completely void.

If any of these cases arises, please contact us at our email contact @ bastettattoo .com.