BASTET TATTOO complies with all the regulations in force by the Ministry of Health, and at the same time, we are concerned with solving absolutely all the questions that our clients may have before, during and after the tattoo process.

Each artist working on BASTET TATTOO must have the following requirements:

  • You must have your vaccination card up to date that accredits your respective doses against Hepatitis B (Mandatory by the Ministry of Health)
  • Diploma of your Asepsis and Antisepsis course which corroborates that has all the necessary knowledge to carry out the procedures in the correct way.

BASTET TATTOO also has its current commercial patent, granted by the Illustrious Municipality of Providencia, which authorizes the practice of tattooing in our complex.

We have since our opening started activities in the Internal Revenue Service, which enables us to give you a service and / or sale ticket for both your purchases and your tattoos as appropriate. It is very important that regardless of where you get a tattoo, you must demand your service ticket, be it a commercial ticket or a fee ticket from the artist who has performed the work. This is necessary and fundamental to be able to exercise your right as a consumer against any possible problem or eventuality that you may present in the future.

BASTET TATTOO works with globally recognized tattoo care products that are also licensed by the Institute of Public Health.

In our study we have a current contract with an external company that is in charge of collecting the sharp items. It is mandatory and a fundamental requirement that tattoo studios have this trash service, at least once a month.

BASTET TATTOO maintains strict control of all its clients. This is carried out through a foliate client registry which is managed privately and safeguarding the security and privacy of our clients' information.

Every client who is going to undergo a tattoo, however small or simple, must read and sign a consent, which explains the most important points of the regulation health system and the security measures that are taken in our establishment, in this way the initial knowledge is given so that the same client can be the first supervisory entity of the procedure. This consent is mandatory and without exception. This document is handled privately and safeguarding the security and privacy of our clients' information.

It is worth mentioning that both the customer registration and the informed consent are completely mandatory documents by the Ministry of Health, which all establishments that carry out this type of activity they must be subject.

In BASTET TATTOO you can find the tattoo and piercing regulations of the Ministry of Health so that you can consult it if you so wish.

In order to carry out procedures for minors under 18, they will be required to attend accompanied by one of their parents or legal guardian, who must be present at all times during the execution of the procedure. In the case of not being able to attend with the respective companion, BASTET TATTOO will not carry out the process.

BASTET TATTOO does not under any circumstances carry out procedures for minors under the age of 16, regardless of whether they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

BASTET TATTOO is a registered trademark, and the misuse of your trademark or image will be sanctioned by law as appropriate.